torn city

Torn, released as ‘Torn City’ on 15th November 2004 is our current masterpiece. Submersing yourself within the world of Torn will help you to instantly understand why Torn is the world’s most popular text based, RPG game. Torn really does afford you a second reality; playing as a resident of Torn in first person brings no limits to the possibilities: Commit crimes, complete an educational course, get yourself a job, train in the gym, attack your foes, travel the world, or buy, trade, and sell drugs... the list goes on.

Being the first game of its type has, rather unsurprisingly, triggered the creation and release of many attempts, copies and fakes. However, hard work, constant updates, and more love, care and attention than we give our girlfriends has made sure it is still the best in its field.
final earth

Final Earth: The only war simulation. Albeit still in beta testing - our second game, is primarily about helping your team through battle with an end goal of beating your enemies. Plan huge battles involving air strikes, tank warfare, dog fights and an endless list of foot soldiers - from medics to special-ops!

Don’t forget, however, to work your way through the fields to the prestigious presidential rank, commanding your own army consisting of thousands of players along the way. When you’re there - complete with the capacity of nuclear weapons under your belt - there’s no stopping you. One hit kills will ensure countries, players and contributing forces are completely wiped out.